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Managing Your Restaurant Reputation

Internet marketing has influenced the attitude of Restaurant Owners and General Managers in promotional aspects of their restaurant business. Social media has strongly invaded life, changing the concept of promotion itself. No longer does advertising alone work. Advertising seems to play a less significant role in promoting business. Online marketing to promote your business is now seen as an investment. The voice of your current consumers is now a very significant factor for influencing the minds of your new consumers. With the onset of social media, are you really aware of your restaurants social reputation? With just a few clicks of a diners mouse, it could change instantly. Don’t let bad reviews cost you your business. There are over 40 food and drink review sites. Can you name the top 10?

People like to know the experiences of others to help themselves make better decisions. As such, you can see diners are reading reviews online before deciding to book a table. This is proved from the increased number of review postings online. This is further established by direct participation in social media.

Companies are extremely concerned about what the users say or what the published reviews are. These reviews reflect on the reputation of your restaurant that you have built; every business needs to save its reputation. After all, knowing what others say is the best way to diagnose the lapses. Never let a bad review go unanswered and don’t forget to say thank you for your good reviews as well.

A one-star decrease on a review site can reduce your restaurants reviews by almost 10%. Review tracking companies notify you of reviews and alerts so you can respond and evaluate the performance of your locations and strive for excellent customer support. You have worked too hard for your name … Read the rest